What is Brazil's import duty rate on NCM # 3908.90.90 - polyamide resin?

Our company is currently exporting polyamide resins from China to Santos Brazil. The import tariff number for the polyamide resin is NCM # 3908.90.90.

We are quoting CIF Santos Brazil but potential new customer states that our CIF price is high versus DDP Santos price from another China manufacturer.

If I know Brazil's import duty rate for NCM # 3908.90.90, I can deduct the amount of duty included in the DDP quote for comparison against our CIF quote.

Can you provide needed information on Brazil's import duty rate for NCM # 3908.90.90?

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posted 1 decade ago by
Benetta O'Connor


1 Answer

Import duty rates for NCM 3908.90.90 in São Paulo can be found in the tax database here at The Brazil Business. More specifically under PLASTICS AND ARTICLES THEREOF: Polyamides in primary forms: Other: Other

It is interesting that other Chinese manufactures are quoting in DDP as it is not a legal term. Brazilian customs and Central Bank does not allow DPP as the customs clearance must be done by a resident.

posted 1 decade ago by
Egil Fujikawa Nes

Fujikawa Nes

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