What is the total tax in percentage for importing goods to Brazil?

Hi Master,

We are going to sell our goods in Brazil market. Now our customer want to know how much custom rate he will pay when importing the goods to Brazil. Goods are manufactured in China.

HS Code for our goods is: 8708.29.55.00

Hope you can answer.

Best regards
Sean Wang

posted 8 years ago by
Sean Wang


1 Answer

Dear Sean,

For this HS Code you will pay theses taxes:

  • II: 14%
  • IPI: 5%
  • PIS: 2,3%
  • COFINS: 11,8%
  • ICMS: depends of the state where the importer is based, for Sao Paulo state consider 18%

Be aware that IPI, PIS, COFINS and ICMS are creditable. It means that the importer will pay it to clear the products but he will earn a credit of theses taxes which he will be able to use on reselling products.

This HS Code is also submit to ICMS ST, which is another brazilian specific taxe duties.

Any doubt you can get in touch with us: novatradebrasil.com.br

Cyprien Hoffet

posted 8 years ago by
Cyprien Hoffet


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