What was the import tax rate and procedures if import toys in Brazil?

I was running a remote plane retail business at China. And recently received a news that some people in Brazil interest on my products and would like to buy 20-30 unit of my products.

I read the articles from your company but i still confuse what tax that I should pay if I import my products to Brazil.

Would you please provide me an instruction for what documents that i should preprare and submitted to, for arrive in port of Brazil?

Besides, I was quite concerned the amount of tax finally pay out. If the selling price of my product was US$52.26, and I transport for 20-30 units. What shall the import tax and VAT would be? Would there any refund of VAT?

Other than the import issue, if I transfer my products to Brazil and sells, would I need to prepare account and audit for the Brazil business?


posted 9 years ago by
Rebecca Chu


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