Where can i find out information about which goods have been imported and exported in Brazil?

I would like to know whether there is a specific governmental or non governmental web site where I could search about companies andgoods that have been imported and exported in Brazil. My target is to come up with a database to work with this companies.

Thank you!

posted 7 years ago by
Adley Mota


1 Answer

You can find information at http://aliceweb2.desenvolvimento.gov.br//menu/index/item/aliceweb.
Also, you can access this kind of information at http://www.trademap.org/.

Depending on the sector you are interested in there is always an Association that can provide more precise data.

Please, feel free to contact me at contact@sonarconsultancy.com if there is any other matter I can assist you.

Kind regards,
Bruno Martins

posted 7 years ago by
Bruno Dourado Pirajá Martins

Dourado Pirajá

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