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Cost of Living in Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre is one of the cities hosting the 2014 World Cup, what has drawn some attention to it and to the services available. In this article you will find some of the primary costs related to relocation to Porto Alegre.

Driving in Brazil

Foreigners coming to Brazil may ask themselves if they can drive with their original driver’s license and for how long. Also, it is important to know how to apply to a Brazilian driver’s license in case you want to extend your stay in Brazil.

How many events are organized per year in São Paulo?

Is it true that São Paulo concentrates 60% of all the events happening in Brazil? Why not Rio de Janeiro or Porto Alegre? How many events are organized in the city per year?

Brazilian Regions for Foreign Investors

An outlook of the economic profile of the five Brazilian regions, covering the viable segments and the impact Pre-Salt exploitation and the 2014 World Cup have over these states.

The Most Promising Careers in Brazil

Recent discoveries of petroleum in the Brazilian shores has changed the country's economic profile and requires a more qualified workforce. This article will map you the careers that are growing in the five regions of the country.

Market for Luxury Goods in Brazil

Even though still modest and corresponding only to 1% of the population, the market for luxury goods in Brazil have presented opportunities for growth and investment.

Technology Cities of Brazil

As the metropolitan areas of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro reach levels of saturation, the Brazilian industry has been relocating to other areas. In this article we will specifically cover the cities of Campinas, Florianópolis and Porto Alegre.

Brazilian Organization Culture in a Nutshell

Adapting a business model to a Brazilian reality is a challenge faced by many European companies relocating to Brazil, raising the question: what are the main differences between Brazilian companies and the foreign ones?

Business Location Shortage in Brazil

Finding a good place to open an office or a franchise in Brazil can become a difficult job nowadays. This article will explain what are the reasons for this current business location shortage in Brazil.

The Diversity of Brazilian Consumers – From Illiteracy to Private Jets

Brazil has become a profitable market for all sorts of investments. The diversity of its socioeconomic profile generates opportunities for a wide range of business initiatives.

Investments in transport infrastructure

In Brazil, the transport infrastructure is far from the ideal. Approximately 20% of Brazilians spend more than one hour to go from home to work. Now the government seems to be worried about that. Why?

The 10 Major Brazilian Banks

This article will give you an overview of the 10 major banks in Brazil in terms of assets and importance in the Brazilian economic scenario.

Getting a Mobile Phone in Brazil

According to Anatel, there are 242,2 million mobile phones in Brazil and the country occupies the 5th position in the ranking for the most profitable markets for mobiles in the world. But is such a strong market foreigner-friendly?

Can Brazilians be on time?

Brazilians are known for being friendly, festive and late. This is not a lie; however, it is not a rule either. Find in this article how Brazilians perceive time and how to adapt to it.

Office's Architecture in Brazil

Renting or buying a real estate in some Brazilian cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo can be more expensive than renting it in New York city. Add to this the problem of oversaturation of major Brazilian cities and you will have a serious demand for space optimization. This is when the work of an architect becomes indispensable.