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International Schools in Brazil

Coming to Brazil with kids always leads to the question: “how is their education going to be like?”. Brazil offers several options for different preferences (and pockets!). Learn what your options are and what are their advantages and disadvantages.

Learn Portuguese in Brazil

Even though the English language is mandatory in most Brazilian public schools and students who complete high school have studied English for at least seven years, the number of English speakers in Brazil is still very low and still restricted to some areas and even social classes. Such scenario leaves foreigners with no other alternative than learning Portuguese.

Logistics and Distances in Brazil

The problems in the Brazilian logistic system represent a big obstacle to the country's economic growth. In this article we will explain those issues, and give an overview of the Brazilian transport network.

How to report a crime in Brazil

Anyone living in Brazil must be aware of how to report a crime, especially now that the country is expecting to receive so many foreigners for the sports events it is going to host in 2014 and 2016. Learn in this article how to report a crime in Brazil.

Cost of Cesta Básica Throughout Brazil

Did you know that the cost of a cesta básica is not the same in every part of Brazil? In this article you will learn where cestas básicas currently cost more and where cost less.

Renting the right property in Brazil

Finding a new home in Brazil can a very time-consuming task. In order to facilitate this search for the right place to live, we have written an article with some of the options available when looking for the property to rent in Brazil.

Top 10 Brazilian Imports

Even though Brazil is not on the list of the countries that most import products, the country also purchases goods from abroad. Know in this article what are the 10 products most imported by the country.

Electricity Prices in Brazil

The president Dilma Rouseff has recently taken measures in order to reduce the Brazilian power bill – which was one of the most expensive in the world. In this article you will learn more about this charge.

Investment in Semiconductor Plants in Brazil

The semiconductor industry is fundamental to the development of the electronic sector. Brazil is still lagging behind in this industry implementation, but in the past few years investments have increased. Here you will find out about three projects that have been developed in the country related to the manufacturing of semiconductors.

Branches of the Police in Brazil

In Brazil, the police are state-run agencies that perform different functions, and therefore, they are subdivided into categories. Here you will find all the Brazilian branches of the police, their differences and their spheres of operation.

Investment in the LTE Network in Brazil

Brazil is currently implementing LTE/4G technology. The major Brazilian telecommunications companies are fighting against time to implement LTE in the country by the beginning of the international events that will be hosted in 2014 and 2016. In this article you will find out how LTE is being implemented in Brazil.

How to Get an Internship in Brazil

Internships are key for those looking to gain career experience and get ahead in the labor market. An international internship can add a little something extra to the resume and interning in an emerging market like Brazil is a savvy career move.

Top 10 Airports in Brazil

A lot has been invested in Brazilian airports in order to meet the demand of the country and for the international events that will be hosted in the Brazil. In this article you will find lists of the 10 largest Brazilian airports when it comes to passengers, flights and more.

Film Industry in Brazil

The Brazilian film industry has shown increasing dynamism since the mid 90s. Here you'll find out the history of cinema in Brazil and the current state of the film industry in the country.

ITBI - Inter Vivos Property Transfer Tax

Inter Vivos Property Transfer Tax, also called Imposto sobre a Transmissão de Bens Imóveis, is the Real Property Transfer Tax that applies to sales and purchases of a good such as real estate, made between two people who are alive and therefore, it doesn't apply to inheritances.