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Brazilian Regions for Foreign Investors

An outlook of the economic profile of the five Brazilian regions, covering the viable segments and the impact Pre-Salt exploitation and the 2014 World Cup have over these states.

Getting a Brazilian Visa

Getting a visa can be a complicated and stressing process, so we prepared an article with a step-by-step guide on how to get a Brazilian visa.

E-mail address for the Brazilian Tax Administration or Ministry of Finance

I need an e-mail address for the Brazilian Tax Administration or Ministry of Finance. Would you please provide me with that? It's urgent.

Brazilian Organization Culture in a Nutshell

Adapting a business model to a Brazilian reality is a challenge faced by many European companies relocating to Brazil, raising the question: what are the main differences between Brazilian companies and the foreign ones?

How do I obtain an official "stamp" from the Brazilian Consulate in Mexico City for garments we manufacture in Mexico?

The Brazilian Embassy in Washington said that we must obtain an official stamp in Mexico, since that is where the garments are made. Is this stamp required by law? They don't answer emails nor the phone at the Brazilian Consulate in Mexico City. Can my customer in Sao Paolo clear the garments as a commercial entry without a Brazilian official stamp on the certificate of origin?

Contact details of Brazilian producers

We need contact details of teh Brazilian producer for Ferre Silicon , Ferro Managanese, and Refractories that used for the steel plants induction furnaces like castables and ramming mix. Therefore, it's very kind of you to provide that with names & contact details of these Brazilian companies that produce such like these products for we can contact them. Best regards, Bbik Babikian

Brazilian Business in 2012 – Money, Productivity and Bureaucracy

Based on the events taking place in 2011, we wrote an article covering what we believe to be the direction the Brazilian economy is taking.

Required ratio at the workplace when a Brazilian company applies for a Temporary Work Visa?

Is there a required Brazilian/foreigner ratio at the workplace when a Brazilian company submits an application for a Temporary Work Visa for a foreigner?

Some Thoughts on the ISS: the Brazilian Services Tax

Understanding the Brazilian legislation is already complicated by default, but when it comes to ISS, a municipal tax related to the act of providing services in Brazil, things can get even more complicated.

The Brazilian Social Network War

With the 5th world's biggest social media community, Brazil confirms its strength on the market. Aware of this potential, the country's two most popular social networks dispute a battle that seems to have no room for two winners

Average salary and required benefits for Brazilian sales manager?

We are considering hiring a Brazilian sales manager but would like to know what the average salary is as well as required benefits and compensation. We work primarily with the Paint and Coatings industries and have customers in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Curitiba, Campinhas, etc. Ideally, we are looking for a person with 5 years minimum sales experience in the chemical industry, bi-lingual English-Portuguese, availability to travel and university degree. Can you please help us? Thank you in advance,

The Brazilian Tablet Fever

Tablets are being adopted in Brazil in many different sectors. This article will give you an idea about this new fever and will also help you understand how the tablet market works in the country.

Restrictions to Ground Transportation in Brazilian Cities

Changes in the Brazilian logistic system has created restricted areas and several prohibitions that are affecting companies, industries, and consumers.

Getting Brazilian characters on international keyboards

Portuguese has got some graphic symbols that may not be present on your keyboard. In this article, you will learn how to adapt your computer to Portuguese writing.

The Brazilian Market for Generic Drugs

Representing the current largest Generic drugs market in Latin America, Brazil reveals its potential in the area. Know how this sector of the Pharma Industry operates in the country and what are the most promising areas for investments.