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The Brazilian Educational System

This article will give you an overview of the Brazilian education system and how it directly affects the country's economic growth and development.

Everyday Corruption in Brazil

Corruption is often a subject when talking to foreign businessmen that want to do business in Brazil. This article will give some insight to the kind of corruption that never gets to the headlines of foreign press.

Staff Turnover in Brazil

Staff turnover is always a delicate subject as it is directly related to the operation of any organization. This article will give you an overview of the current situation in Brazil and point out the reasons that have led to it.

Rey Castro

Rey Castro, 28, Born in Santos, is a multi-lingual Brazilian marketing executive and market research/trends consultant, with experiences ranging from Foreign Trade, Food & Beverages to Cosmetics & Beauty Products in Brazil and Latin America.

Brian Winter

Brian Winter is the chief correspondent for Brazil for Reuters. He was also a correspondent and foreign editor for USA Today and is the author or co-author of two books including The Accidental President of Brazil.

Market for Luxury Goods in Brazil

Even though still modest and corresponding only to 1% of the population, the market for luxury goods in Brazil have presented opportunities for growth and investment.

Technology Cities of Brazil

As the metropolitan areas of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro reach levels of saturation, the Brazilian industry has been relocating to other areas. In this article we will specifically cover the cities of Campinas, Florianópolis and Porto Alegre.

Importing Digital Books to Brazil

The definition of book in Brazil is broad and leaves room to misinterpretation. Through this article you will understand how the federal government has tried to apply taxation over e-readers and what has been done to avoid this taxation.

Brazilian Business in 2012 – Money, Productivity and Bureaucracy

Based on the events taking place in 2011, we wrote an article covering what we believe to be the direction the Brazilian economy is taking.

Introduction to SEBRAE

This article will give you an introduction to SEBRAE and explain why it is so important to the development of Brazilian businesses. You will understand how this institution works and how your company can benefit from it.

The Internet Generation: What do they want?

Born and raised at the same time as the internet boom, the Y generation changed consumption habits and became the most important customers, forcing the market to adapt products, services and concepts.

Brazil Under Construction

Preparation for the World Cup and the Olympics have brought infrastructure problems to the surface in Brazil, rushing the country to be able to support the economic growth it has been experiencing.

The Brazilian Tablet Fever

Tablets are being adopted in Brazil in many different sectors. This article will give you an idea about this new fever and will also help you understand how the tablet market works in the country.

Proficiency Test for Portuguese

Find out more about Celpe-Bras, the only certificate of proficiency in Portuguese officially recognized in Brazil.

The Diversity of Brazilian Consumers – From Illiteracy to Private Jets

Brazil has become a profitable market for all sorts of investments. The diversity of its socioeconomic profile generates opportunities for a wide range of business initiatives.