World Cup 2014 in Brazil


The Brazil Business have collected articles with useful information for anybody that are planing to either work or do business in Brazil during the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

Work as a Journalist in Brazil

Introduction to Brazil

You never really know someone until you go and live with them. This is true not only for people but for countries; different perspectives are gained from being the outsider looking in on the country and physically being in the country.

Visa for Foreign Journalists in Brazil

Journalists are another category of workers who require a visa in order to perform their activities in Brazil. Find out more about the subject in this article.

Authorization for Filming in Brazil

Foreign companies that want to film in Brazil need special documentation to do so legally. Read the article to learn what documentations are needs to be provided to act within the law when filming.

Foreign Film Production in Brazil

Foreign companies that have intentions to shoot films in Brazil must ask the permission of ANCINE, the Brazilian regulatory body in this area. We prepared a detailed guide containing all the legal requirements that must be followed by audiovisual companies from abroad.

Copyrights in Brazil

New technologies make copyrights one of the most discussed subjects in the contemporary society. Learn in this article how Brazilian legislation deals with it.

How to Find Freelance Journalists in Brazil

Hiring a freelancer might be a good idea for quick jobs. But how do you find freelance journalists in Brazil? This article will try to clarify this and will give you a few hints about it.

Being a Foreign Athlete in Brazil

Visa for Foreign Artist or Sportsperson in Brazil

Foreigners that have to work in Brazil need specific permits and visas to perform their activities in the country. Find out what the necessary documents to get these permissions for artists and sportspeople are in this article.

Visa for Foreign Professional Athletes in Brazil

Foreign professional athletes belong to one of the worker categories which need a visa to work in Brazil. Find in this article how they can obtain one.

Importing of Sport Equipment for Competitions in Brazil

In Brazil, there is a special regime of goods destined to international sports competitions which are held in the country temporarily. Learn about it in this article.

Sports Business in Brazil

Sports Business in Brazil

Brazil has a strong Sports Industry, with annual growth going around 7.4%. In this article you will get information on the most lucrative and promissing activities regarding sports business in the country.

Market for Sports Equipment

With the mega events coming to the country, there is an encouragement not only in the sports practice, but also in the sports market in Brazil. In this article we will present you figures and aspects of this market.

Lei de Incentivo ao Esporte

This is one of the federal projects created in Brazil in order to promote the social development. In this article, we will present you more information about the Sports Incentive Law.

Authorization for Prize Drawings in Brazil

In Brazil, it is necessary to ask for permission before performing any kind of activity that includes the distribution of prizes or giveaways. In this article, you will learn what the legal procedures are for this is.

Gambling in Brazil

Gambling is illegal in Brazil, but that doesn't stop Brazilians from gambling. This article presents the common gambling practices in Brazil, and the legal or illegal aspects contained in them.

The Gym Industry in Brazil

Brazilian gym industry is the second largest in the whole world. In this article we will show you more information about this important sector of economy.

Brazilian Culture, Customs and Etiquette

Going to the Toilet in Brazil

In this article we will explain something that you've always asked yourself but never had the guts to ask a Brazilian: how to use Brazil's bathrooms?

Pay Before You Eat or Eat Before You Pay?

Common practice in Brazil, in some bakeries and restaurants it is possible to pay only after you've finished your meal. Learn more about this Brazilian habit in this article.

Alcohol Consumption in Brazil

Brazil is not on the list of countries drinking the most alcohol, but the consumption between inhabitants is considerably high. In this article, you will learn more about drinking alcohol in Brazil

Metro Commuting in Brazil

Riding the metro in Brazil is quite a cultural experience for foreigners coming to the country. In this article we will explain why you shouldn't be annoyed by the usual Brazilian costumes on the metro.

The Brazilian way of doing things

In a world of increasing appreciation for cross-cultural competence, it is imperative to well adapt to new cultures. Brazilians have an unique manner of handling things, that can surprise unprepared foreigners. This article will enlighten you about the "jeitinho brasileiro", and explain how it can affect your life and business in Brazil

Attending the World Cup

Code of Conduct for the 2014 World Cup

2014 is here, and more than that, the World Cup is finally coming to Brazil and the country is doing everything that's possible to make this huge international event safe and secure. This need for safety and security explains the code of conduct that was created by FIFA and Brazil that must guide the behavior of all football fans during the Cup.

How long can I stay in Brazil?

Brazil has different rules and visas according to the different necessities of foreigners, so find in this article what is the duration of the different visas in the country.

Hand Carried Import to Brazil

This article will give you information about what a items you can bring into Brazil under the rules of hand carried import and what additional taxes and fees that will apply for such import.

Is Brazil Dangerous?

Those following the news about Brazil may think that we are living in a civil war. Such vision is reinforced in most Brazilian movies and even novels. But is Brazil a violent country? Compared to what? Is it really dangerous to live here?

I am arrested in Brazil, now what?

Assuming foreigners may not know that some actions in Brazil are illegal, here we are to avoid them from saying: “But I didn’t know!!”

Getting a Mobile Phone in Brazil

According to Anatel, there are 242,2 million mobile phones in Brazil and the country occupies the 5th position in the ranking for the most profitable markets for mobiles in the world. But is such a strong market foreigner-friendly?

Telephone System in Brazil

It's easy to get confused when trying to call in Brazil or are trying to look-up a Brazilian telephone number. This guide give a short introduction on how the phone system is structured and how you can navigate your way trough the phone system.

Weather in Brazil

Find in this article everything you need to know about weather in Brazilian cities. Differently from what many people would think, the weather in Brazil is not always hot and sunny.

Getting Around in Brazil

How to get around in São Paulo

With 39 municipalities and nearly 20 million inhabitants, São Paulo metropolitan area has a broad public transportation system. Learn in this article how to benefit from it.

Getting to and from the Airport in São Paulo

Are you going to São Paulo, but don't you have any clue about how to get to or from the Airport? This article gives the most important aspects about how to get around by public transit such as metro, train, and bus or by rental car and taxi.

City Tour in São Paulo for Business Travelers

The biggest South American city, São Paulo is also Brazil's main financial center. This article will tell you what to see if you are visiting the city for business.

Rio de Janeiro Public Transit

Brazilian public transport is deficient, which makes traveling in the country difficult. In this article you will learn how it works in one of the most important cities of the country, Rio de Janeiro.

Getting to and from the Airport in Rio de Janeiro

Getting to the airport on time is important, as well as, leaving it safely after your arrival. This article outlines the transportation alternatives of getting to and leaving Rio de Janeiro airports.

City Tour in Rio de Janeiro for businessmen

This article will introduce you to Rio de Janeiro, the most visited city in Brazil, focusing on its historical importance and its current role in the country.

Belo Horizonte Public Transit

Belo Horizonte is one of the host cities of the soccer world cup in 2014, and one of the cities which has been receiving investments from the government to develop its infrastructure. Know in this article how to move around in Minas Gerais' capital.

Brasília Public Transit

Brasília was created to house 500,000 people, but there are already 2,5 million people living there. This article will show the means by which all these people move through the city.

Top 10 Airports in Brazil

A lot has been invested in Brazilian airports in order to meet the demand of the country and for the international events that will be hosted in the Brazil. In this article you will find lists of the 10 largest Brazilian airports when it comes to passengers, flights and more.

Domestic Flights in Brazil

This article will give you an overview of the the services provided by the five main airlines companies in Brazil.

Safety at the Airports

Travelers at airports are usual and easy targets for thieves in Brazil. Besides all common recommendations it is necessary to be always alert. Here you have the basic guide on how to be safe in a Brazilian airport.

Other World Cup Related Articles

Brazil 2014: Use after the World Cup

Hosting a major event such as the World Cup is often seen as an honor by the citizens of the hosting country. But at the end of the day, is it really a benefit or a burden? Do countries generate great profits from these events, or do they find themselves with much more problems than they already had before?

36 Largest Soccer Teams in Brazil

It is impossible to think of Brazil and not relate it to one of the country's largest passions: soccer. Holder of five FIFA World Cup trophies and the land of countless great players, Brazil has held its fame throughout the years, and in 2014 will be the host of a World Cup for the second time. Learn in this article about the 36 largest soccer teams of the Brazil.

Terrorism in Brazil

The development of science and technology has spread terrorism activities on a large scale through sophisticated global networks. The globalization of terrorism has allowed countries – that have never been targets of terrorist acts – to participate in this global terror network. Brazil is one of these countries.

Understand the relation between Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasília

Understand in this article the importance of each city for the Brazilian development. Also learn what you need to know about the hubs of tourism, petroleum, economical and politics issues.