Guide to Relocation in Brazil

Most expensive neighborhoods in São Paulo city

São Paulo is one of the most expensive cities to live in Brazil and one of the greater examples of the devastating social inequality in the country. Learn in this article what are its most expensive and prestigious neighborhoods and why.


Jobs for Non-Portuguese Speakers in Brazil

Not everyone has the money, time and will to learn a new language. That's why we prepared this article, to discuss the real need of knowing Portuguese when considering working in Brazil.


Ways to get visa to Brazil

Living in Brazil is the dream of many foreigners, bur not all of them fulfill the requirements to apply for a residence visa. In this article, we will explain what are these requirements and give alternative advices to be able to stay legally in the country.





Vaccinations Required in Brazil

People that are used to travel abroad know that the vaccination card is an important document to keep updated. This article will inform you about the mandatory vaccines in Brazil, the most common diseases in the country and how to be protected from them.


How to emigrate from Brazil

We have written several articles regarding the options foreigners have to come into Brazil, but never explained what the process to leave is. Learn in this article how to legally leave Brazil and no longer have to pay taxes.


Health Care for Children in Brazil

Moving to Brazil with kids or having kids in Brazil can lead to a basic question: how do I deal with their health care? Learn in this article what your options are and what vaccines are mandatory for your kids.


US Expat Taxes for Expatriates Living and Working in Brazil

US citizens or Green Card holders living in Brazil are required to file an US expat tax return every year if the amount earned surpasses the minimum threshold mandated by the IRS. In this article, we will explain the entire procedure and particularities of this taxation.


Driving in Brazil

Foreigners coming to Brazil may ask themselves if they can drive with their original driver’s license and for how long. Also, it is important to know how to apply to a Brazilian driver’s license in case you want to extend your stay in Brazil.


Types of Driver's Licenses in Brazil

Types of driver's license change according to the country and its legislation. Learn in this article what are the types of driver's licenses in Brazil and what are the particularities involved.


How to obtain a registration with CREA

Engineers and other professionals may be required a CREA membership in order to work legally in Brazil. In this article we detailed the process of getting a temporary or a permanent registration in this Council.