Guide to Relocation in Brazil

Work Permit and Visa for Foreign Workers on Board of Foreign Vessels in Brazil

To work in Brazil, foreigners need both a work permit and a work visa. Find out what it's required for acquire a work permit and visa for foreign workers on board of foreign vessels in Brazil.


Work Visa for Foreign Teachers, Researchers and Scientists in Brazil

Working as a foreigner in Brazil requires a work permit and work visa. Find out where and how to acquire both of them if you're a teacher, researcher and scientist.


Getting to and from the Airport in São Paulo

Are you going to São Paulo, but don't you have any clue about how to get to or from the Airport? This article gives the most important aspects about how to get around by public transit such as metro, train, and bus or by rental car and taxi.





Getting to and from the Airport in Rio de Janeiro

Getting to the airport on time is important, as well as, leaving it safely after your arrival. This article outlines the transportation alternatives of getting to and leaving Rio de Janeiro airports.


Live and Work as a Disabled Person in Brazil

Disabled people in Brazil have conquered some of the rights that are ensured by law, but a lot has yet to be done to provide their full integration with society. Learn more about this subject in this article.


Working as a Doctor in Brazil

Brazil has a low percentage rate of physicians per inhabitant, and to try to solve this issue, a program was created to bring foreign doctors to work in the country. This article will explain the aims of “Mais Médicos” project, established in 2013.


Metro Commuting in Brazil

Riding the metro in Brazil is quite a cultural experience for foreigners coming to the country. In this article we will explain why you shouldn't be annoyed by the usual Brazilian costumes on the metro.


Belo Horizonte Public Transit

Belo Horizonte is one of the host cities of the soccer world cup in 2014, and one of the cities which has been receiving investments from the government to develop its infrastructure. Know in this article how to move around in Minas Gerais' capital.


Brasília Public Transit

Brasília was created to house 500,000 people, but there are already 2,5 million people living there. This article will show the means by which all these people move through the city.


Visa Requirement to Work in Brazil

You're a foreigner in Brazil and you want to work here, but does your visa permit it? If you have a tourist visa, a student visa or a work visa, does it make a difference? In this article you will find out how a foreigner can work legally in Brazil.