Guide to Relocation in Brazil

Cost of living in Brasília

This article is trying to outline what are the costs a professional who plans to relocate from Europe or US to Brasília should expect in order to maintain the same standard of living as he was used to.


Obtain a Brazilian Citizenship

Despite the several problems we see in Brazil, the number of foreigners who have chosen to live here is still increasing. Learn in this article how is it possible to apply for a Brazilian citizenship and what is the process involved.


International Schools in Brazil

Coming to Brazil with kids always leads to the question: “how is their education going to be like?”. Brazil offers several options for different preferences (and pockets!). Learn what your options are and what are their advantages and disadvantages.





Validation of foreign diploma in Brazil

When considering working in Brazil, foreigners may need to validate their diplomas obtained abroad. In this article, we will discuss the importance of getting a degree's equivalence and detail the steps of this process in the country.


Extending a business visa in Brazil

We have written some articles about how to get your visa in Brazil. This article will particularly cover how you can extend your business visa and what is the required procedure.


Work Visa and Business Visa: what is the difference?

Many people do not know the difference between these two visas in Brazil. Find in this article which of them applies to you.


European job hunt in Brazil

In this article, we outlined the situation of the Brazilian market for European professionals looking for a relocation in the country. Check the areas that offer the best opportunities, the requirements to apply for the jobs and the salaries paid in here.


Becoming a Language Teacher in Brazil

Many foreigners coming to Brazil without any previous planning or job proposal end up as language teachers. In most cases it is only a temporary situation, but some of them want to make it a career. Whatever your case is, learn how to look for this type of job and what its particularities are.


How to Declare Income in Brazil

Annually, taxpayers are required to provide information through the Statement of Annual Adjustment, to ascertain possible debits or credits they might have with the Federal Revenue. Here comes a guide that will explain how the declaration of income process goes in Brazil.


Getting a Business Degree in Brazil

Brazilian universities are being highly sought by professionals that want to get a business degree in an emergent economy. This article will give an outline of the Brazilian receptiveness to foreign students, and nominate the best schools to get a business expertise in the country.