Guide to Relocation in Brazil

The Complete Guide to CPF

The CPF is of most importance to both Brazilians and foreigners that own taxable goods in Brazilian territory. In this article, we will see its history, how to obtain and maintain one, and all the obligations arising from its possession.


Public Healthcare Coverage in Brazil

The Brazilian public health system may not be sufficient for all demands, but it provides access to a number of services which sometimes aren't covered by private insurance plans. Learn more about it in this article.


What Foreign Cellphones Work in Brazil

Bringing your cellphone from abroad might be more practical and cheaper than buying a new one in the country, but some precautions need to be taken. This article will explain which devices work properly here.





Parking Assistants in Brazil

One of the common complaints by Brazilian drivers is the lack of parking spaces. They are not only scarce, but might also be “monitored” by not-so-welcome assistants. This article will explain this situation and the flanelinha job.


8 Difficulties of Renting an Apartment in São Paulo

Although it is the biggest city in the Southern Hemisphere, it can be hard to find a residential space and even harder to deal with certain issues when living in São Paulo. This article discusses some of the main difficulties foreigners face when moving to the city.


All About Units and Voltage in Brazil

Running after a plug adapter is one of the first actions taken by foreigners arriving in Brazil. This article will be useful if you want to understand the Brazilian voltage system and the adopted measurement units.


Difficulties of Finding a Place to Live in Rio de Janeiro

The most famous city in Brazil is also the most expensive to live in. High prices are only one of the headaches felt by foreigners looking for real estate, as shown in this article.


How to Survive the Polícia Federal in Brazil

A trip to the Polícia Federal is no walk in the park. Experienced expats, and even Brazilians, cringe at the thought of visiting this bureaucratic stronghold. Resolving immigration issues is a daunting task for new comers so take note of these tips and you'll find it all less painful than rumored to be.


Health and Safety Guide for Brazil

Going to Brazil can be exciting, breathtaking, and… perhaps, dangerous. This article will list some tips in order to help avoid inconveniences, and allow a more enjoyable experience.


Visa for Same-Sex Union in Brazil

The Brazilian government may provide a visa for a foreigner in a same-sex stable union with a partner who has prior permission to live or work in the country. In this article, we have listed the needed documents and procedures for its procurement.