Guide to Relocation in Brazil

Visa for Foreign Providing Technology Services in Brazil

Work permits and visas are mandatory for any foreigner aiming to develop any type of work activity in Brazil. Find out where and how to acquire both for foreign service providers with a contract of service provision related to technical assistance and/or technology transfer.


Visa for Foreign Journalists in Brazil

Journalists are another category of workers who require a visa in order to perform their activities in Brazil. Find out more about the subject in this article.


Food You Might Get in Brazil

Brazilians are great with food, not only because they enjoy eating, but also because they eat a bit of everything. Find out in this article which are the most traditional Brazilian dishes.





Fruits You Might Get in Brazil

Brazil is a country known worldwide by its rich biodiversity, which can be perceived in the huge variety of Brazilian fruits. Find out which exotic fruits you will find here.


Visa for Foreign Professional Athletes in Brazil

Foreign professional athletes belong to one of the worker categories which need a visa to work in Brazil. Find in this article how they can obtain one.


Visa for Foreign Artist or Sportsperson in Brazil

Foreigners that have to work in Brazil need specific permits and visas to perform their activities in the country. Find out what the necessary documents to get these permissions for artists and sportspeople are in this article.


Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Brasília

Just like São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brasília is one of the most expensive cities to live in in Brazil. This article will outline the most expensive neighborhoods in Brasília, and why they are so prestigious.


RNE Renewal in Brazil

RNE is a very important document for foreigners in Brazil and is issued by the Brazilian Federal Police as it’s explained in this article.


Visa for Foreign Representative of Foreign Financial Institution

Foreigners who wants to work in Brazil must acquire a work permit and a work visa. Find out what it's required for acquire both documents for Foreign Representative of Financial Institution Headquartered Abroad in Brazil.


Visa for Foreign Administrator with Power of Management in Brazil

To perform work activities as a foreigner in Brazil the individual needs a work permit and a work visa. Find out where and how to acquire both of them for an administrator, manager, director or executive with power of management in a company established in Brazil.