Guide to Relocation in Brazil

Introduction to Detran

This article will introduce you to the state institution responsible for ground vehicles supervision in Brazil. You will also know what it takes to drive legally in the country and in what cases you might need to consult Detran.


Business Location Shortage in Brazil

Finding a good place to open an office or a franchise in Brazil can become a difficult job nowadays. This article will explain what are the reasons for this current business location shortage in Brazil.


The Most Promising Careers in Brazil

Recent discoveries of petroleum in the Brazilian shores has changed the country's economic profile and requires a more qualified workforce. This article will map you the careers that are growing in the five regions of the country.





Getting a Brazilian Visa

Getting a visa can be a complicated and stressing process, so we prepared an article with a step-by-step guide on how to get a Brazilian visa.


House Hunting in São Paulo

This article will give you a profile of the neighborhoods in São Paulo ranked as the ones with the higher concentration of foreigners.


Hotel Capacity in São Paulo

This article will give an overview of the current status of the hospitality industry in São Paulo, the major financial center in Latin America.


Salaries in Brazil

This article will give you an overview of how much good professionals get paid in Brazil, considering main occupations and all the costs involved in the hiring process.


Hand Carried Import to Brazil

This article will give you information about what a items you can bring into Brazil under the rules of hand carried import and what additional taxes and fees that will apply for such import.


Doing Business in Brazil is Not Complicated

People keep saying that it's complicated to do business in Brazil, but in most cases they simply confuse complicated with labor intensive.


Guide to Build Long Distance Business Relationships in Brazil

We are addressing the challenges faced by inside sales people that are located outside Brazil, don't speak Portuguese and are responsible for the companies activities in Brazil.