Guide to Relocation in Brazil

Crime Rate In Brazilian Cities

Brazilians are regarded worldwide as very warm and welcoming people, despite Brazil being known as a somewhat dangerous place for its residents and tourists alike, due to its high crime rates. In this article, we will take a look at different crime rates in Brazilian cities.


Obtaining a Religious Visa in Brazil

Individuals travelling to Brazil for religious purposes are required to get a temporary visa. This article explains everything about VITEM VII for clergymen and missionaries.


How to Open a Second Branch in Brazil

Some procedures and requirements are needed before expanding your business in Brazil. This article brings information about what is needed to open another branch in Brazil.





Visa For Business Events In Brazil

Amongst the many different temporary visas Brazil offer to foreigners, one of them is the visa for Business Events, known as VITEM II. In this article, we will learn how to get a VITEM II.


Brazilian Pizza Styles

Brazil is known worldwide for its typical food, that is thought of as being exotic, mainly because of the ingredients available in Brazil. In this article, we will see that Brazilian pizzas have a style that is unique to Brazil as they incorporate some traits of Brazilian food.


Identity Fraud In Brazil

Identity fraud is an ongoing legal offense as fraudsters develop new techniques in order to gain benefits or to harm others. In this article, we will take a look at how Identity fraud is handled in Brazil.


What Happens If You Rob Someone In Brazil

Sometimes robbing someone in Brazil may not result in imprisonment, but having a criminal record will certainly have negative consequences. This article explains a little more about this felony in Brazil.


Restricted Holidays In Brazil

Besides national holidays, some sectors of the Brazilian population enjoy specific days off. This article will explain in a little more detail about these specific days.


Hunting In Brazil

In Brazil where wild and exotic animals can be found in numerous places, one area of particular interest is hunting. According to hunting clubs and other entities specializing in hunting, the number of people carrying a hunting license is around 4 million. In this article, we will learn more about hunting in Brazil.


How To Become a Sworn Translator in Brazil

Whenever an individual needs to present an official document to a body of the government, he must have his document translated by a sworn translator. In this article, we will see how someone, even a foreigner, can become a sworn translator.