Guide to Relocation in Brazil

Work and Live as a Muslim in Brazil

Brazil has a large Islamic community, formed from several migratory waves throughout its history. Know in this article how Muslims are integrating in the Brazilian society and how the country deals with the coexistence of different religions.


Health care in Brazil

Unlike other countries, Brazil has got a public health care system providing services to the entire population. Learn some characteristics of this system, what are the alternatives offered by the private initiative and how foreigners can have access to healthcare in Brazil.


How to obtain a RNE

To be recognized by the Brazilian government, a foreign must have an ID. Without this document you will not be able to perform basic tasks in the country, so find in this article how to obtain your RNE.





Getting a Mobile Phone in Brazil

According to Anatel, there are 242,2 million mobile phones in Brazil and the country occupies the 5th position in the ranking for the most profitable markets for mobiles in the world. But is such a strong market foreigner-friendly?


Cost of living in Natal

One of the most promising capitals of the Brazilian Northeast region, Natal has an economic potential still half explored, what has been attracting a lot of foreigners. Know more about how much a professional would spend while living in this city.


Cost of living in Salvador

This article will outline what a professional that plans to relocate from another country to Salvador should expect in order to maintain the same standard of living as the country he came from.


CPF for Dummies

In this article, we will explain everything about CPF, one of the most important Brazilian documents, used by several public and private organizations as a way to identify citizens.


Getting Brazilian characters on international keyboards

Portuguese has got some graphic symbols that may not be present on your keyboard. In this article, you will learn how to adapt your computer to Portuguese writing.


Restrictions to Ground Transportation in Brazilian Cities

Changes in the Brazilian logistic system has created restricted areas and several prohibitions that are affecting companies, industries, and consumers.


Proficiency Test for Portuguese

Find out more about Celpe-Bras, the only certificate of proficiency in Portuguese officially recognized in Brazil.