Guide to Investment in Brazil

Market for videogames in Brazil

Brazil is currently the fourth largest consumer of games in the world, what reveals good opportunities for investments in the country. Know more about the size of the national market, the consumers' behavior and the leading companies in the segment.


Market for motorcycles

Over the years, motorcycles have begun to gain ground in the Brazilian market. In this article you will know more about the two-wheels sector in Brazil.


Overview of TI Maior

Aiming to develop and increase competitiveness of the national IT segment, the Federal Government released the economic package of incentives "TI Maior", which will be fully explained in this article.





Projects for Transportation in Brazil

Two of the most important and popular events of the world, the World Cup and the Olympic Games will take place in Brazil and one of the challenges the country faces is the demand for transportation. In this article you will learn what the government has been doing and what are its plans in this area.


The Brazilian Publishing Market

In this article we made an overview of the publishing market in Brazil and its trends for the next years. We also include some information about the Brazilian's reading habits and best-sellers books in the country.


Initial Public Offerings in Brazil

This article will provide a brief introduction to the process of IPO in Brazil. The company's preparation and the procedure itself are not much different than what is practiced in other countries, so we focused on giving information about the two most important institutions that regulate the public offerings in the country: CVM and BM&FBovespa.


The Brazilian Music Industry

In this article, we detailed the size and trends of the music industry in Brazil, discussed the Brazilian copyrights law and prepared a list of the top-selling CDs and DVDs in the country.


Logistics and Distances in Brazil

The problems in the Brazilian logistic system represent a big obstacle to the country's economic growth. In this article we will explain those issues, and give an overview of the Brazilian transport network.


10 Large Brazilian Companies that Failed

The 80’s were the beginning of a downfall for the Brazilian economic scenario. This crisis was extended to the new millennium with the crash of major companies like Varig and VASP. Find in this article a little bit of the history of these companies and what has led them to crash.


Sports Business in Brazil

Brazil has a strong Sports Industry, with annual growth going around 7.4%. In this article you will get information on the most lucrative and promissing activities regarding sports business in the country.