Guide to Investment in Brazil

How To Buy a Farm in Brazil

In Brazil the potential for products that originate from farms is very high. The country has the second largest cattle herd in the world, and is the second biggest exporter of beef. There is also a high demand for dairy products - supplied by imports - and for leather. Besides this Brazil is the leading producer and exporter of coffee, sugar, orange juice and ethanol from cane sugar.


Gold Mining Market in Brazil

Searching for gold was once Brazil’s most important economical activity, but years of exploitation have lead to depleted reserves of this resource. This article will show the current market for this activity.


Brazilian Supermarket Ecosystem

In Brazil, supermarkets are much more than large grocery stores. Supermarkets also serve as a commercial centers, offering various business opportunities, as shown in this article.





Business Tourism Market in Brazil

Brazil is the target for many foreigners on vacation, for all the well-known reasons. But beaches and nice weather are also responsible for another type of tourism: the business one. This article will cover the growth of this market.


Natural Gas Industry in Brazil

With recent discoveries and investments, the natural gas' role in the Brazilian economy is growing. This article covers the natural gas industry in the country.


Introduction to Startup Brasil

This article will introduce you to Startup Brasil, the National Program for Acceleration of Startups, an initiative by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation to encourage the creation of startups in Brazil.


Golf Market in Brazil

Golf is one of the sports that struggle in the Soccer Country. Even though the number of golfers are growing, this activity is still only practiced and enjoyed by a tiny share of the population. This article will give an overview of the Brazilian golf market.


Brazilian Steel Industry

Steel represents a great volume of Brazilian exports. This article will cover the main aspects of the Brazilian steel industry, which is ranked as one of the 10 largest in the world.


Brazilian Pharmacy Market

With sales growing, Brazilian pharmacies are attracting interest from investors. This article will cover the main aspects of the Brazilian market, its peculiarities and the current main players.


Brazilian Soda Market

Brazil is one of the top 20 consumers of soft drinks in the world. This article will show the main trends of this market, its peculiarities and its evolution.