Guide to Investment in Brazil

How to Invest in Brazilian Coffee

Brazil is an important player in the international coffee market being the largest producer and a major consumer. This article will outline the new trends of the market and the investment possibilities to launch a business in the coffee sector in Brazil.


Brazilian Medical Industry Overview

In Brazil, the Medical Industry has huge growth potential although it is still currently dependent on imports. The Brazilian government has created several financing programs in order to overcome internal obstacles. This article will present an overview of the healthcare sector in the country.


Investment in Semiconductor Plants in Brazil

The semiconductor industry is fundamental to the development of the electronic sector. Brazil is still lagging behind in this industry implementation, but in the past few years investments have increased. Here you will find out about three projects that have been developed in the country related to the manufacturing of semiconductors.





6 Regulatory Agencies in Brazil

To provide services or performing any economic activity in Brazil, companies have to obtain lots of licenses, certificates and authorizations. This article will outline the most important Brazilian regulatory agencies.


How to Register in SISBACEN

SISBACEN is the electronic information system of the Central Bank of Brazil. It is used to conduct the a large quantity of the bank processes and to monitor the financial transactions in and outside the country. Here you will find information about how to get a registration in this system.


Citizenship by Investment in Brazil

In Brazil, by foreign investment, people cannot directly acquire a citizenship. But a process of acquiring other legals rights and visas allows foreign to become a Brazilian. Here you find what is this process and how you should proceed in order to obtain a Brazilian citizenship.


Remittance of Interest in Brazil

According to the Brazilian Constitution, financial foreign operations involving the remittance of interest can only occur with a special register of the company and investors in the Brazilian Central Bank. Here you will find the procedures to remit interest in Brazil.


Introduction to Selic

Even though a lot of people have already heard about Selic, most of them don't know exactly what is it and how it affects their lives. Learn these aspects in this article.


Investment Requirements to Obtain Visa to Brazil

In order to make an investment in Brazil, foreign companies or businesspeople have to obtain a Brazilian visa. Here you will find information about the investment requirements to obtain it in Brazil.


The Brazilian Cattle Industry

The cattle industry in Brazil is the economic activity that occupies the largest land expansion. Brazil has the second largest herd in the world, only surpassed by India.