Guide to Investment in Brazil

Introduction to IBGE

IBGE is one of the most prestigious Brazilian institutes, responsible for providing data regarding geosciences and social, demographic and economic statistics. It is the major national institute in terms of providing information about Brazil.


Banco Central do Brasil

This article will provide an introduction on the main operations and responsibilities of the Central Bank of Brazil.


Paying dividends from Brazil to abroad

In this article, we outlined the process of paying dividends from a Brazilian company to foreign investors.





How to export from Brazil

Learn in this article what are the documents, norms, advantages and payment modalities to export from Brazil.


Registration of foreign capital in Brazil

In this article, we will outline the process of registering foreign capital destined to direct investments in country, through the RDE‐IED computerized system of the Central Bank of Brazil.


Public transparency in Brazil

The Brazilian constitution states that all are equal before the law, what means that anyone has the inviolable right to life, liberty, equality and property. However, these rights were being violated for 21 years. Understand the reason why in this article.


Brazilian Saving Products

This guide will provide information about the process and the profitability of saving money in Brazil. Also, you can check how to open a savings account in a Brazilian financial institution, its requirements and guarantees.


How to buy a business in Brazil

Buying an already established business may be an interesting option for who does not want to start everything from scratch. Here comes a guide that will explain the procedures on how to purchase a company in Brazil.


Political Parties in Brazil

Brazil has a multiparty system with several political parties sharing the vote. In this article we will provide information on the most active Brazilian parties and give a general idea of how the political works in the country


The 10 Major Brazilian Banks

This article will give you an overview of the 10 major banks in Brazil in terms of assets and importance in the Brazilian economic scenario.