Guide to Investment in Brazil

Brazilian Software Market

Brazil is currently among the top ten software markets in the world, surpassing other economic powerhouses like China and India. This article shows an overview of this market and analyzes possible forecasts for the years to come.


Print Media Industry in Brazil

Printed newspapers and magazines are still very prevalent even with the implementation of technology in news media. Learn in this article how this sector is doing in Brazil.


Brazilian Aerospace Industry

The Brazilian Aerospace Industry is known internationally mainly because of Embraer, but there are many other companies of this branch in Brazil. This article will outline the most important aspects of this business.





5 Lessons From The Failure Of TGI Friday's In Brazil

The famous restaurant chain is located in over 60 countries, but could not settle in Brazil. Why was that and what is it possible to learn from this? This article will help answer these questions.


The Brazilian Orange Industry

Despite recent rough years in the citrus market, Brazil is still, by far, the largest orange producer in the world. This article will give an overview of this fruit's production, market size, and exportation.


The Brazilian Book Market

The number of readers in Brazil is growing, and so is the Brazilian book market. In this article, we will give an overview of the current situation and point out some of the possibilities for this sector, including the real potential of e-books.


Boat and Yacht Industry in Brazil

Beautiful beaches, a 3,400 km coastline, tropical weather, and a rising medium class are probably some of the factors that made Brazil the new market for boats and yachts. Foreign brands and manufacturers are already anchoring in the Brazilian coast, looking for prosperous business opportunities.


Seafood Industry in Brazil

Vast territory, large biodiversity, the lack of extreme temperatures throughout the year, and abundance of water, are just a few factors that grant a huge potential to the Brazilian seafood sector. Find out more about this industry branch in Brazil.


Plastic Surgery Market in Brazil

The media and the worship of appearance are probably the main reasons which led Brazilians to be the second country in the world performing the most cosmetic surgeries. Learn more about this market in Brazil.


Fruit Market in Brazil

Brazil is third largest producer of fruit in the world. The country is responsible for the production of almost 42.2 million tons of this product and has an arable area of 2.2 million hectares distributed throughout the country.