Guide to Investment in Brazil

Oil Industry in Brazil

It’s not news that the oil and gas sector is expanding in Brazil. Newspapers and magazines publish daily articles about the developments and investments in this industry, as well as, the need for a qualified workforce. Oil gained tremendous importance in the world during the XX century, when most nations became dependent on it as a source of energy.


Fashion Industry in Brazil

The Brazilian fashion industry has begun to gain ground abroad and the forecast for the sector is that it will increase both inside the country and internationally - once people work hard for it. Read on to learn more about it.


Weird Products Exported from Brazil

Everyone knows that Brazil is one of the biggest commodities exporters in the world, but do people know the Brazil also exports badminton rackets? Or tortoise shells? This article outlines some weird items exported from the country.





Flowers Market in Brazil

The sector of ornamental flowers and plants have increased a lot in the last past years, being considered as one of the most promising and important segments of agribusiness in the world. Brazil is conquering markets and gaining space in this sector.


IKEA Expansion to Brazil

Having been analyzing the Brazilian market for few years, the Swedish company, Ikea, has finally shown real interest in starting its first commercial activities in the country.


20 Foreign Brands Coming to Brazil - Part 2

The Brazilian consumer market is growing, and, with the purchasing power of the middle class, the country became a good target for foreign investors that are seeing huge possibilities in Brazil for their business expansions.


20 Foreign Brands Coming to Brazil - Part 1

The difficulty in finding suitable partners and the huge bureaucracy were some of the reasons that made foreign brands stay out of Brazil for the last few years, but for 2013 and 2014 the growth of the Brazilian market moved the country on the radar of these major companies.


Spa and Well-being Market

The spa and well-being market is becoming a very lucrative trend in Brazil. Concerned with a better quality of life, Brazilians are answering more and more frequently to this type of services. Find out how this market is organized and how it works in Brazil.


Cruise Ship Industry in Brazil

For two years Brazil has occupied an important position on the map of the cruise ship market internationally. This article explains why this activity is so intense in the country and what possibilities the market offers.


Incentives for Film Production

In Brazil, the film production industry has many possibilities for growth, that's why the government, private sector companies and even other countries are betting on this Brazilian sector through investments.