Guide to Investment in Brazil

Largest Trading Partners of Brazil

In this article you will learn about the main countries providing and buying products from Brazil.


Financing Programs for Agribusiness

The Brazilian agribusiness is in a state of expansion, focused on competitiveness and modernization, making permanent use of technology as a path to sustainability. This article shows how the Brazilian government assistance is essential in this process.


Helicopter Industry in Brazil

For the last couple years a boom in the helicopter market was perceived in Brazil, and since then this sector growth has escalated. This article presents the reasons for the spike and the companies and joint ventures actuating the national industry.





Top 10 Airports in Brazil

A lot has been invested in Brazilian airports in order to meet the demand of the country and for the international events that will be hosted in the Brazil. In this article you will find lists of the 10 largest Brazilian airports when it comes to passengers, flights and more.


Film Industry in Brazil

The Brazilian film industry has shown increasing dynamism since the mid 90s. Here you'll find out the history of cinema in Brazil and the current state of the film industry in the country.


The Beer, Wine and Spirits Industry

The Brazilian beverage industry has a considerable importance for the national economy, not only for its production value, but also due to the rejuvenation that the sector has recently experienced.


Tourism Market in Brazil

The Brazilian tourism industry is experiencing a golden decade, with significant growth in the number of international and domestic tourists. This article presents an overview of the tourism boom in Brazil.


Banned Export Items from Brazil

Brazil is a major exporter of commodities and other products, but according to the Brazilian law not everything can be sold abroad. A few national items are subjected to stay in the country and here you'll find out some of them.


How to Purchase Stocks on the Bovespa

Want to invest on the Brazilian stock market but don't know how to do it? In this article you will find out a simplified guide about how to purchase stocks on the Bovespa.


Biofuel Market in Brazil

In the path of growth and sustainability, Brazil has gained credibility in recent years and become essential for the agenda of any major investor in the biofuel market. This article presents an overview of the market in Brazil.