Guide to Investment in Brazil

Incentives for Small Businesses in Brazil

The Brazilian government has institutionalized several incentives to small business in the country. In this article, we will outline the most significant of these incentives, the Estatuto da Micro e Pequena Empresa


Plano Real Today

In order to understand Plano Real today, it's necessary to rescue the period when the plan was created, analyzing Brazil's situation back then. In this article, we will give a detailed historic of the plan, showing its reflexions in the country's current economic position.


Company Registry in Brazil

Registering a company is the final step of opening a business in Brazil. Know in this article what registration procedures are necessary to formalize a company in the country.





Brazilian Coffee Industry

Counting with the world's largest production of coffee, Brazil is the most important player in the area. The grain produced in the country feeds an enourmous internal and external market. In this article, you will get important information about the Brazilian coffee industry, aside from knowing more about the importance of this product to the country's economy.


Export Declaration from Brazil

Getting an export declaration from Brazil can be a very bureaucratic procedure. Learn in this article how to issue this document and what can happen if the provided documentation is not approved by the customhouse.


Finding business in Brazilian universities

The large number of people who needs a vacancy in a University or Technological Colleges makes the country an easy target to investors willing to make business in the educational area.


7 Largest Investment Projects in Brazil

Brazil has received lots of foreign investments over the last ten years and has also invested in several aspects of the Brazilian economy and infrastructure in order to prepare the country for the sports events it is about to host. Learn in this article what are the largest investment projects taking place in Brazil.


How to open a dialog with the Brazilian government

Foreigners who have to get in touch with the Brazilian government have probably found themselves in a difficult situation as they do not know to exactly they must contact. Learn in this article how you can get in touch with the Brazilian ministries that may be interesting for foreign investments.


Cost of furnishing an office in Brazil

What are the best options of equipment and furniture to furnish your own office in Brazil? Find in this article all you need to know about it!


How to open a hotel in Brazil

Motivated by the great prospects of the Brazilian Hotel Industry, many entrepreneurs are taken by the idea of establishing a lodging business in the country. This guide will provide the steps to open a hotel in the country, and give some general information about the sector.