Guide to Investment in Brazil

Options for foreign investment in Brazil

It is no news that Brazil has been calling the attention of foreign investors for the last years, so we wrote a dedicated article on how foreigners can invest and what are the main required procedures.


Investments in transport infrastructure

In Brazil, the transport infrastructure is far from the ideal. Approximately 20% of Brazilians spend more than one hour to go from home to work. Now the government seems to be worried about that. Why?


Biotechnology and Cosmetics

Renewable energy, health care products and functional food production are already known as profitable sectors of Life Sciences, but have you ever thought about the Cosmetics Industry?





Brazilian Regions for Agribusiness

Brazil is known as a prominent exporter of primary products. Find in this article what are the most promising areas to each product relevant to exports in the country.


The Ultimate Guide to Why You Should Do Business in Brazil

You have already heard that Brazil is in vogue when it comes to foreign investments. But do you really know why? No? So, let us explain why Brazil is in a good moment for business.


Market for Insurance Companies in Brazil

The financial rise of purchasing power allied to the bad quality of services rendered by the government are motivating Brazilian people to increasingly seek for long term investments in private insurance plans.


The Brazilian Market for Generic Drugs

Representing the current largest Generic drugs market in Latin America, Brazil reveals its potential in the area. Know how this sector of the Pharma Industry operates in the country and what are the most promising areas for investments.


The Used Goods Market in Brazil

This article will give you an idea of how the market for used goods operates in Brazil. You will know what are the most popular trends and what are the initial procedures to start a business in this segment.


Brazil Under Construction

Preparation for the World Cup and the Olympics have brought infrastructure problems to the surface in Brazil, rushing the country to be able to support the economic growth it has been experiencing.


The Internet Generation: What do they want?

Born and raised at the same time as the internet boom, the Y generation changed consumption habits and became the most important customers, forcing the market to adapt products, services and concepts.