Guide to Tax in Brazil

Taxation for Nonresidents in Brazil

Brazil is highly attractive to foreign investors. However, the Brazilian taxation system is very complex. Foreigners want to come, so how would this nonresidents pay their taxes in Brazil?


Income Tax in Brazil

Income tax has become a national debate in Brazil. The few Brazilians who pay it and the great injustice between the weight of income tax applied on individuals and on companies made this a polemic subject.


26 Brazilian Government fees you didn't know about

Apart from taxes, the municipal, state and federal fees are also an important part of the government budget. Check in this article information about the most significant fees in Brazil.





All about Inscrição Estadual

As we have approached in other articles, the process of opening a company in Brazil requires several steps and registrations before your business actually starts to operate. In this article we will give you an explanation of Inscrição Estadual, one of the steps required to open a company in Brazil


Introduction to e-CNPJ and e-CPF

New technologies bring new possibilities – and new challenges. E-CPF and e-CNPJ were created to help providing a safer structure to the people who use online services.


The Difference Between ISSQN and ICMS

Brazil has so many different taxes for the most varied products and services that, sometimes, people get confused about what should be paid.


Código Fiscal de Operações e de Prestações (CFOP)

The Brazilian Tax System is formed by several codes that are used to organize and facilitate the companies' statements. CFOP is one of them, which we will explain in detail further.


All about SPED

Part of the federal initiative to enhance the Brazilian growth (PAC), SPED was created to integrate and modernize fiscal activities in the country by standardizing them and enhancing foreign investment.


ISSC – Imposto Sobre Serviços de Comunicação

That Brazil has a high number of taxes is no secret for anyone. But there used to be more of them in the past years. ISSC is an example of tax that was extinguished when the ICMS was created, almost thirty years ago.


Guia Nacional de Recolhimento de Tributos Estaduais

As we all know, Brazil has a high tax burden and it is not uncommon to hear of companies who did not pay their taxes because they were unable to keep up with them. In order to help tax payers to keep up with their duties, some initiatives have been created and GNRE is one of them.