Guide to Tax in Brazil

How To Negotiate Tax Debts With Receita Federal

During hard times or after bad financial results, tax debts may appear. Find out in this article how to manage those debts with the Federal Revenue.


Taxes on Livestock in Brazil

The tax variation from state to state might be a bit confusing for people selling cattle in Brazil. This article will bring an overview of these variations, exemptions and how the taxation work in Brazil.


Taxes On The Sale Of Used Cars In Brazil

Buying and selling used cars is a common practice in Brazil, not only between individuals, but also involving car dealers. This article will cover the main taxes charged when selling used cars in Brazil.





Taxes and Fees for Buying Real Estate in Salvador

Brazil’s first capital city is currently the third most populated in the country. This article will show which taxes will be faced by those looking for a property in Salvador.


Introduction to DCTF

In this article, we will learn everything about the DCTF, a Statement that needs to be submitted monthly to the Secretaria da Receita Federal, which is Portuguese for Federal Revenue Service.


Taxes and Fees for Buying Real Estate in Brasília

The Brazilian capital city is one of the few previously planned metropolis in the country, and it has been growing since its foundation in 1960. This article will show the main costs of buying a residential space in Brasília.


Costs of Trading on the Brazilian Stock Exchange

The Brazilian stock market is the biggest in Latin America and plays an important role globally. This article will show all the fees and taxes that investors need to pay in relation to this.


Taxes and Fees for Buying Real Estate in Fortaleza

This might not be the first city that comes to foreigners’ minds, but the capital city of Ceará is one of the five more populated municipalities in Brazil. The main fees that need to be paid when buying a property in Fortaleza will be listed in this article.


Taxes and Fees for Buying Real Estate in Rio de Janeiro

Acquiring a property in Rio de Janeiro involves more than just the most expensive square meter in the country. Discover in this article what are the taxes and fees for buying Real Estate in Cidade Maravilhosa.


Tax Implications of Being a Landlord in Brazil

Many taxes related to real estate are the responsibility of the property owner, some of whom might be able to deduct expenses for tax purposes. This article covers these cases and the obligations of landlords in Brazil.