Guide to Tax in Brazil

Exemptions from ICMS

In 2014 and 2016, Brazil will be hosting major events and so the states have instituted exemptions from ICMS. Discover what the exemptions are, and which sectors will benefit from them.


Tax Reduction for Brazilian Ports

The quality of Brazilian ports is questionable, so the government decided to invest in this sector with a tax reduction regime. This article explains how this regime works and who can apply for it.


Tax Reduction for the Oil Industry in Brazil

In this article you will learn about three measures taken by the government in order to stimulate investments on the oil sector: REPENEC, REPETRO and REPEX.





Escrituração Fiscal Digital da Contribuição

The Brazilian Government is trying to replace paper documentation with digital documentation. This article outlines everything you need to know about Escrituração Fiscal Digital da Contribuição and who is subjected to it.


Tax Reduction for the Construction Industry in Brazil

The tax reduction for the construction industry started in 2006 and continued until 2012. In that year the reduction should have come to an end, but it did't happen. In this article you will find out more about the tax reductions for the construction industry.


Payroll Tax Reduction

High hiring costs in Brazil make contracting staff expensive. There are, however, methods that can be used to reduce the tax burden on employers associated with their employees.


Tax Incentives for Technology Innovation in Brazil

Brazil adopted a new legislation called the Lei do Bem, a law that created fiscal incentives for companies that perform R&D within the country. Here you will find more information about Lei do Bem and it effectiveness in Brazil.


Payroll Tax in Brazil

This article outlines the social services and contributions comprised in the Brazilian payroll tax.


Tax Reduction for the Semi-Conductor Industry in Brazil

The Brazilian Government has created a tax incentive program PADIS for the semiconductor industry. The program provides fiscal incentives for companies that pledge to invest in R&D and in the national development of the sector in the country. Here you will find out all the specifics about this program.


ICMS Tax Rates for the State of Rio de Janeiro

Not all 27 Brazilian states share the same rate for ICMS tax. Learn in this article what Rio de Janeiro's tax rates are and some exemptions of it.