Guide to Tax in Brazil

Tax Reduction for Infrastructure Development in Brazil

Brazilian government has a program named REIDI, which allows tax reduction for infrastructure development in the country. In this article we outline what is the benefit, how it works and how to apply for it.


Tax Reduction for Brazil Based Exporters

Tax breaks are available for Brazilian based producers engaged in exportation or looking to start. Presented in this article is a general overview of tax breaks, industry specific programs and other fiscal incentives for Brazilian exporters.


Tax Reduction for the Digital TV Industry in Brazil

The Brazilian government has a program of tax reduction for the digital TV industry named PATVD, which grants fiscal advantages to companies in order to encourage and increase the national development of this industry. Here we will outline the advantages of PATVD and who can take part on the program.





Tax Reduction for the Automotive Industry in Brazil

A new tax reduction measure was adopted by the Brazilian Government in 2013 and it is known as Inovar. Here you will discover what are these incentives, for whom they are designated and how they will be applied.


Tax Reduction for Technology Businesses in Brazil

In this article you will find information about two measures adopted by the Brazilian Government that provide tax reduction for technology business: Lei da Informática and Regime Especial de Tributação para a Plataforma de Exportação de Serviços de Tecnologia da Informação, also known as REPES.


Tax Incentives for Networks and Data Centers

These tax incentives were created in September, 2012 and approved in 2013. Here you will find why they were created, what incentives are these, who will be benefited from them and how to get these incentives.


ICMS Rates for São Paulo State

ICMS rates are different in each one of the Brazilians states. In this article you find the ICMS aliquot and exceptions in São Paulo state.


ICMS Rates for Minas Gerais state

ICMS rates are different in each one of the Brazilians states. In this article you find the ICMS aliquot and exceptions in Minas Gerais state.


Reforms to PIS-Cofins

Pis and Cofins are two complex taxes which became a polemic debate in Brazil when the Taxation Reform proposed the unification of both as a only tax. Here you will find a few information about this unification and the repercussions of this debate in the country.


ICMS Rates by State

ICMS rates aren't the same throughout Brazil and this can make the payment of the tax very difficult to understand. In this article we will give some information regarding this subject.