Guide to Tax in Brazil

Telecommunications Taxes in Brazil

FISTEL, FUNTTEL and FUST are funds created to improve the telecommunication services in Brazil, but they ended up raising the prices of consumers’ phone bills. Learn about them in this article.


Tax Exemption for Smartphones in Brazil

First the tablets receive tax exemption in Brazil through Lei do Bem, and now its time for the smartphones. This article outlines the exemptions and the companies that are allowed to apply for it.


IPVA Reduction in São Paulo

IPVA is an everyday tax in Brazil, being charged for all individuals that own vehicles in the country. In São Paulo, this tax has undergone reductions, and this article explains which reductions and for whom.





Introduction to RPS- Recibo Provisório de Serviços

The Recibo Provisório de Serviços is a document authorized by the federal revenue service and conceded by the taxpayer. Most known as RPS, the document is a temporary service receipt that contains information about a service provided.


Tax Exemption for Medical and Hospital Equipment in Brazil

In order to diminish prices and increase the population's access to medical and hospital equipment that are not produced in Brazil, the government created a regime that grants tax exemptions for these products to be imported.


Taxes and Fees for Opening a Company in Brazil

When thinking of starting a business, the entrepreneur usually does not calculate all the costs. This article will present all taxes and fees involved in the process.


Temporary Elevations and Reduction of Import Duties

The Brazilian government time after time releases new lists of products included on the Ex-tarifário regime. This articles explain who makes this decision, why and also provides the most recent lists published of the products comprised.


Tax Exemption for Social Assistance Institutions

Tax reduction strategy is vital in Brazil due to the infamy of the country’s high tax burden. This article examines the available tax exemptions for social assistance and non-profit institutions.


Tax Reduction for the Aerospace Industry

The Brazilian aerospace industry is still small and fragile. That's why the Brazilian Government created Retaero, a tax incentives regime turned to increase and incentivate the production of aerospace national goods.


Tax Reduction for Disabled People

Disabled people represent almost 25% of the entire Brazilian population. Learn in this article how the measures taken by the government try to promote their accessibility.