Guide to Tax in Brazil

Brazilian Tax System

Call it complex or simply confusing, the Brazilian tax system has its peculiarities. Different types of duties are charged and sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between them. This article will try to answer why this system works like it does.


Penalties for Errors When Importing to Brazil

Mistakes when bringing goods to Brazil can be expensive. In some cases, the fine may even surpass the Import Tax. This article will list the existing fines and their causes.


How to Calculate Brazilian Import Duties and Taxes

The calculation of Import Duties and Taxes to Brazil is not difficult, and in this article we will explain once and for all how it is done.





Federal Revenue Tax Audit

Federal Revenue collects almost two-thirds of all the Brazilian government revenue, and a large portion of it comes from tax audits. This article will explain more about this process, and its consequences in Brazil.


Tax Evasion in Brazil

Brazil is one of the biggest tax evaders in the world. The absence of stricter penalties for violators is one of the explanations for this phenomenon. This article will bring a wider view of the problem, and will explain how the Brazilian Law sees this matter.


Introduction to Sistema S

System S is a joint system of social contributions paid by companies in order to finance the Autonomous Social Services. This article will outline the main aspects of this system and the contributions comprised by it.


Introduction to CIDE

Brazil is a country of many taxes and that’s no surprise for anyone. The Contribuição sobre Intervenção do Domínio Econônomico (best known as CIDE) is an important and complex tax levied on some specific products in Brazil. The article will outline the main aspects of this tax and how it’s applied throughout the country.


IOF Over International Purchases

While Brazilians were out on summer vacation, the country’s Government launched a new legislation that expanded the range of operations that were charged by the aliquot of 6.38% of IOF. Find out what happened, and how IOF is charged now.


Understand the Brazilian Inflation Index

It’s not news that inflation was a problem during the last years of the Brazilian Dictatorship, in the decades of 1980 and 1990. But, it's not only during this period that Brazil confronted inflation. For many years, the country has been a victim of it and, for that reason, in 1939, the Brazilian inflation index started to be calculated.


10 Products with the Highest Taxes in Brazil

Brazil has one of the 30 highest tax burdens in the world, and some of the products sold in the country may have over 80% of its price determined by taxes. Check the list of 10 products with the highest taxes in this article.