Guide to Import in Brazil

Importing Jewelry to Brazil

Brazil is an important player in the international jewelry market because of its variety of precious, semi precious and non precious stones and metals. This article informs what is required to import jewelry to Brazil and the taxes charged upon this activity.


How to Classify Goods Imported to Brazil

Goods imported to any part of the world must be classified for customs and if they were imported to Brazil they must be as well. The Brazilian classification system named NCM is based in the harmonized system applicable worldwide.


Getting an Import Declaration in Brazil

The Brazilian customs clearance is a complex process and can also be confusing. In order to help you to figure out the process, this article outlines what an import declaration is and how one can be made in Brazil.





Transfer Pricing Rules in Brazil

The majority of countries have transfer pricing legislation and Brazil is no different. Although, Brazilian transfer pricing methods are pretty unique. This article outlines the differences between Brazilian transfer pricing methods and the latest changes in the Brazilian transfer pricing rules.


Capital Requirements for Brazilian Import License

Obtaining a RADAR license and subsequently access to SISCOMEX can be achieved a couple of different ways. The fastest and easiest ways of attaining a RADAR license is opting for the unlimited and limited versions. The requisites for obtaining these versions are outlined here.


Importing Electrical Appliances to Brazil

The Brazilian import market of electrical appliances has presented a huge increase over the past years. Since this type of import has assumed such an important role in this industry, here we present information about the procedures, requirements and certificates necessary to develop this activity in Brazil.


Asociación Latinoamericana de Integración

ALADI is a Latin American association of regional integration that works developing a progressive approach between the Latin American countries. Here you will find information about this organization: its members, its impacts in Latin America trade and its main differences from Mercosul


Tax-free Import to Brazil

A list of products that are tax free to import to Brazil was launched in 2013. The products covered by it usually aren't available in the country. This article presents why this list was created and how to apply for the tax-free benefits.


How to Import and Sell Food in Brazil

Brazilian people seem to enjoy the consumption of imported food. Supermarkets have sectors only designated for it and a lot of stores are specialized on them. This sector of the country market has a potential growth. So how to bring imported food to the country?


The History of Imports in Brazil

Nowadays Brazil is open to international market, but it has not always been like that. During the Brazilian Dictatorship, the country passed through a period of opening market and through a period of almost completely closure.