Guide to Import in Brazil

How To Import Musical Instruments to Brazil

The import of musical instruments is chosen by many companies and individuals over products offered in the domestic market. This article explains the main duties and procedures involved in this process.


Pallet Sizes In Brazil

Pallets are an imperative asset to all companies that work in transportation or the storage of goods. The International Organization for Standardization’s - ISO - are making efforts to apply an international standard size for all pallets however, this reality is far from reachable. In this article, we will take a look at what pallet sizes are used in Brazil.


Warehouse Auctions In Brazil

Warehouse auctions often occur when products are apprehended by a country’s Treasury Department or by its Federal Revenue Service. In this article we will take a closer look at warehouse auctions in Brazil.





Importing Electronics From China To Brazil

China is one of Brazil's most important trading partners. In this article we will outline the complete process of importing Chinese electronics to Brazil.


Removing Goods From Bonded Warehouses In Brazil

Prior to withdrawing goods stored in bonded warehouses in Brazil there are some requirements and restrictions which must be adhered to. We will look at these in this article.


Importing Giveaways And Samples For Trade Shows In Brazil

Some products being imported for exhibitions in Brazil can benefit from tax exemptions, providing some conditions are followed. This article will explain these conditions and will clarify the definition of samples and giveaways in Brazil.


Import Of Counterfeit Goods In Brazil

Fake products are a big concern in Brazil. The government and companies claim that imports of counterfeit goods result in less jobs and tax collections. This article explains more about this type of importation.


Bonded Warehouse For Companies Not Established In Brazil

Storing goods in bonded warehouses can be very useful for companies during foreign trade processes, even for those that are not legally established in Brazil. This article explains how this can be done.


How to Import Animals For Commercial Purposes to Brazil

The market for pets, as well as the products and services intended for them has grown significantly in Brazil. According to the data released by the Brazilian Association of the Industry of Products for Pets, Abinpet, in 2013, the market is worth BRL 15,4 billion and represent 0.32% of the Gross Domestic Product. Also, Brazil has the biggest number of pets in the world, accounting for 106 million pets.


How To Import Guns And Ammunition To Brazil

Brazil has strict legislation that controls the possession of firearms in the country, but there are legal methods to import guns. This article will explain what is needed for the legal import of guns.