Guide to Import in Brazil

Introduction to RECOF

In this article we will explain what is the regime, who can use it and what are the benefits that a company can obtain with RECOF.


Bonded Warehouse vs Certified Bonded Warehouse in Brazil

The process of importing to and exporting from Brazil has two main allies: bonded warehouses and certified bonded warehouses. Learn in this article what are the main differences between the two storage modalities and the advantages of each.


Commercial invoice specifications

"Fatura Comercial", Portuguese for Commercial Invoice, is a mandatory document to be presented to authorities in order to obtain customs clearance. Know more about the specifications of it here in this article.





Import of Used Goods to Brazil

The general rule that orients the import of used goods in Brazil is very simple. One cannot import used goods that are produced in the country. Based on this principle, there are some exceptions that you will be informed in this article.


Importing Drugs and Medicines to Brazil

This article is an introduction to the import of drugs and medicines in Brazil. You will get to know the legal procedures, the lists of substances allowed by the sanitary agencies and the licenses companies will need in order to import them.


Duty-Free Rules in Brazil

Duty-free shops are very popular amongst Brazilians due to the protectionist policy adopted by the federal government that makes importing practices impracticable. Learn in this article what are the rules for bringing duty-free products into Brazil.


Importing Personal Goods to Brazil

Moving to Brazil has several stages and bringing your belongings is a very important one. Learn in this article what are the basic procedures to bring your goods to Brazil.


Costs of brokerage services in Brazil

Getting your products into Brazil is a crucial step for the establishment of your business in the country. With that in mind, we have made a selection of the most common services related to brokerage in Brazil and what its average costs are.


Customs Clearance in Brazil

In this article we’ll give you relevant information about what is important to observe and to plan for a safe import process into Brazil as well as the legal requirements applied.


Brazil Imports in Numbers

Find in this article everything about Brazilian imports in the last year. We have organized numbers and tables to help you understand what happened in Brazil in 2011