Guide to Import in Brazil

How to Import and Sell Wine in Brazil

Brazil nowadays is the largest imported wines market from Latin America. The trend is that the consumption of the drink increase in the coming years, assigning to the country a significant potential growth in this market.


Top 10 Brazilian Imports

Even though Brazil is not on the list of the countries that most import products, the country also purchases goods from abroad. Know in this article what are the 10 products most imported by the country.


Import duties for online shopping

In Brazil, there isn't a specific legislation regarding the import of products bought in online shops. However, we will explain the taxes and rules that orient this procedure in this article.





Interstate customs in Brazil

ICMS is the only tax levied on interstate operations in Brazil. In this article, we will detail the calculation of this tax on transactions between the Brazilian states.


How to Import and Sell Cosmetics in Brazil

Allied to the beauty market, Brazil is a great consumer of cosmetics and, therefore, one of the most promising markets for companies of the sector.


Export Financing from Brazil

The purpose of this article is to introduce the lines of credit, both private and public, that are available in Brazil when the subject is financing exports.


How to import and sell drugs in Brazil

The importing and commercialization of drugs into Brazil is subjected to norms and regulations established by the national health surveillance agency – Anvisa. Learn in this article how drugs can be imported and commercialized in Brazil.


Express Customs Clearance in Brazil

Imports and exports in Brazil can be very bureaucratic and time consuming, but there are ways to work around this problem and one of them is the express customs clearance regime.


All about Ex-tarifário

Protectionist measures are no news in Brazil as the country has created initiatives to enhance the national industry. However, in some cases there are no options but importing certain products that are not produced in Brazil. Ex-tarifário was created to encourage but also regulate this type of importing scheme.


Drawback Regimes in Brazil

In order to stimulate the economy, the Brazilian government has created some initiatives that would enhance exports. One of these initiatives is the drawback regime. In this article, we will explain what is the regime and its major modalities.