Guide to Import in Brazil

Import of antique cars to Brazil

Vehicles older than 30 years can only be imported with cultural and collection intentions by private persons. This article will give you an overview about the process of importing antique vehicles to Brazil.


Practices for illegal import to Brazil

A considerable amount of the imported products circulating in the Brazilian market entered the country illegally. In this article, we will outline the most common practices regarding illegal imports that happen in Brazil.


How to import anything into Brazil

Brazil is a very large importer, especially when it comes to supplying its industrial sector with raw materials, machinery and equipments. In this article, we outlined the generic flow of paperwork and money with regard to imports in the country.





How to import textiles and garments from China to Brazil?

Brazilians often associate Chinese goods as cheap knock-off products. This article will outline the complete process of importing Chinese textiles and garments to Brazil.


Import of animals to Brazil for research purposes

Making scientific researches using animals to make lab experiences before applying in humans is common in many countries, and importing these animals to Brazil faces some trouble as bureaucracy.


Importing vessels to Brazil

That the Brazilian waterways are poorly explored we already know, but now it's time to approach the restrictions to the imports of vessels to Brazil and how does protectionism affects the development of this sector.


Mercosul customs advantages

The South Common Market aimed to bring advantageous measures and deals to its members. But 21 years after its foundation, can we say Mercosul has really met its purposes?


Bonded Warehouse Operators in Brazil

We have received several inquiries regarding bonded warehouse operators in Brazil. Having this in mind, we have decided to list six operators in the major Brazilian ports.


Products Imported into Brazil

Brazil is still dependent on the import of some crucial products for its development. Find in this article an overview of the goods imported by the country on the latest years and what is the current situation of imports in the country.


Introduction to Radar

Foreign operations in Brazil count with a system that integrates registration, control and follow-up of all imports and exports in the country. Know how to regularize your external commerce in Brazil by getting a Radar license.