Guide to Import in Brazil

Supplement Market Overview

Brazilians have become great users of supplements for healthy and aesthetic purposes. The supplements can be shakes, protein bars and others, since the components they're comprised of are legal. This article covers the importing procedures for this booming industry in Brazil.


Unified Taxation System - RTU

RTU was created to diminish the illegal trade activity usually practicde between the Brazilian and Paraguayan border. This article explains what the regime is, how it works, which goods can be imported under the system and how to be part of it.


Import Without Import License

To import a good to Brazil a few documents must be acquired, the import license is one of them, but sometimes it's not required. Find out when and how to import goods without an import license.





Importing Fertilizers to Brazil

The fertilizer industry is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide, including Brazil. The article outlines the importation of these goods to Brazil, disclosing not only the procedures involved, but also all the documentation required.


Documentary Letters of Credit

The Documentary Letters of Credit are basic tools which are very often used in foreign trade practices. This article explains how they work in Brazil.


Importing Wheat to Brazil

Wheat is one of the most important aspects of the agribusiness trade balance in Brazil. This article gives an overview of this sector, providing the general information about wheat imports.


Restrictions for Food Importation

The Brazilian government controls the entrance of animal and vegetable goods into the country in order to prevent pests and diseases. Find out what the restrictions are, and what is required to import food to Brazil.


Introduction to Depósito Especial

Depósito Especial is a Brazilian customs regime that gives benefits to the companies involved with it. This article outlines what this regime is and how to apply for it.


Importation of Oil in Brazil

Brazil is a big producer of oil in South America, but the country still needs to import this product to supply the national demand. This article gives an overview of Brazilian oil importations and outlines what is required for this process.


How to Import Construction Materials to Brazil

Importing construction materials has been a strategy increasingly analyzed by Brazilian construction companies. This article explains the importance of goods imported in the sector and also outlines the fundamental aspects of the import process.