Guide to Import in Brazil

How To Import Toys To Brazil

Increased production by the Brazilian toy industry has lowered the number of imported toys in Brazil, but products from other countries still make up more than half of this market in the country. This article will explain what is necessary to import toys to Brazil.


How To Obtain A Limited Radar License

In some cases, importers are granted a simplified license to access Siscomex. This article explains what the Limited Radar License is and how to get it.


Bonded Warehouses In Brazil: Dry Ports x Airports

Brazil has different bonded warehouse regimes, each one of them best suited for certain occasions. This article will help you decide which warehouse is best suited for your business needs: a warehouse located in an airport or in a Brazilian dry port.





Rules for Bringing Personal Items Into Brazil

Cameras, e-book readers and mobile phones bought abroad do not necessarily need to be taxed when entering Brazil. This article will explain these cases and will show how the import of personal items work.


How To Import Aircraft Parts To Brazil

The import of aircraft parts can demand authorization from various entities, and might benefit from various tax exemptions as well. This article will outline the necessary steps in this process.


6 Imported Food and Beverages With Great Potential in Brazil

Many industrialized items consumed in Brazil are primarily imported, either for its quality or because the internal offer is not large enough. This article will show some examples of these types of products.


Temporary Import of Machines and Equipment to Brazil

Machinery imported temporarily for the production of goods are eligible for some tax benefits. This article explains which cases this exemptions apply to.


Bringing Food and Beverage Samples to Brazil

Sometimes, it is necessary to import products in smaller quantities before bringing a large load of products to Brazil. This article will show what is necessary to import food and beverage samples.


Import License in Brazil

For products to be imported into Brazil, it might be necessary to get an import license, which may be automatic or non-automatic. Learn in this article when these documents are required.


How to Import Chemical Products to Brazil

The Brazilian chemical industry is ranked among the ten biggest in the world. But even so, 19% of all the products imported by Brazil are chemicals. This article will show how to import chemical products to Brazil and what the scenario is for this activity.