Guide to Import in Brazil

How to Import Aircrafts into Brazil

As the Brazilian currency are strengthening and import duties are waved importing aircraft seems to be a good call to supply Brazil's shortcomings in aviation. This article will tell you how to go about importing an aircraft to Brazil.


Cargo Transportation Costs in Brazil

Cargo transportation in Brazil is not cheap. Despite the existence of many navigable rivers and a large space to construct, or improve the railway network, the country still insists on working with a very expensive logistic system.


Parallel Imports in Brazil

In a globalized world like the one of nowadays, it is hard to control the economic interaction between countries and even all the barriers to imports are not enough to control a phenomenon called parallel imports.





Importing Digital Books to Brazil

The definition of book in Brazil is broad and leaves room to misinterpretation. Through this article you will understand how the federal government has tried to apply taxation over e-readers and what has been done to avoid this taxation.


Import Classification of Computers to Brazil

Every day we receive messages regarding product classification. We have an import tax guide on our website, but the question is: how is this product classified? This article will explain you how NCM (does not) works for computers.


Protectionism in Brazil

Plano Brasil Maior is the strategy president Dilma Roussef has found to keep the country's growth and to consolidate the national industry, decreasing the need for imports of both goods and workforce.


Getting a Siscomex License

Import licenses are a primordial step when planning on importing to Brazil and as they are issued through Siscomex, we decided to write an article about this instrument.


Cost of Importing Services to Brazil

This article will give you a better understanding of what costs are involved when importing a service to Brazil.


Introduction to the Buy Brazilian Act

This article will give you an introduction to the Buy Brazilian Act, comprising what it does affects, what has changed since its promulgation and how foreign companies can adapt to it.


Bonded Warehouse in Brazil

This article will explain you how to keep a local stock in Brazil without paying import taxes before your goods are sold to the end-customer.