Guide to Import in Brazil

20 Largest Importers in Brazil - Part 2

In "20 Largest Importers in Brazil - Part 1" you found out about the ten companies that imported the most in Brazil in 2013, this article will finish the rest of that list: which companies they are, what they imported and how much.


20 Largest Importers of Brazil - Part 1

The largest importers of 2013 are a mix of both Brazilian and foreign based companies. In this article, you'll see the first 10 on the list of the 20 largest importers of Brazil.


Importing Goods for Exhibitions and Congresses to Brazil

There are goods which can enter Brazil under a special customs regime, based on a temporary stay in the country. Find out how it applies to goods used in fairs, exhibitions, congresses and others.





Importing of Sport Equipment for Competitions in Brazil

In Brazil, there is a special regime of goods destined to international sports competitions which are held in the country temporarily. Learn about it in this article.


Import of Scientific and Technological Research Goods to Brazil

There are specific tax exemptions for entities and individuals that import assets destined for scientific and technological research in Brazil. They are shown in this article.


Importing Flowers to Brazil

Brazil is conquering its space in the ornamental flower and plants market, however, the country is still dependent on this product's importation. Find out the most important aspects of the importation of ornamental flowers and plants in Brazil.


Import Under Order in Brazil

Just like the importation on behalf, the importation under order is another way to outsource the intermediate activities related to foreign trade, a tendency that has become quite common to companies nowadays.


Import On Behalf in Brazil

More and more, companies have been opting to focus on the final activities of their business, granting the responsibility and realization of intermediate activities to other companies. The importation on behalf in Brazil is an example of this new tendency.


How to Import Health Products to Brazil

The importation of health products can only be released after a monitoring process of the goods. This article outlines how this process works and the main documentation required for it.


How to Get an Anvisa License

Anvisa is a large Brazilian Agency with many responsibilities and competencies. This article outlines how to get an Anvisa license in some specific cases.