Guide to Import in Brazil

How to Import Medical Equipment to Brazil

The importation of medical equipment faces several obstacles in Brazil. Nevertheless, the amount spent on imported items is much greater than what is exported. This article will explain the necessary steps to import this type of product.


Import of Cars to Brazil

Even with incentives for the installation of factories in Brazilian territory, many brands prefer to export its cars directly to the country. This article covers this subject and lists the main companies selling imported vehicles in Brazil.


All About Certificate of Origin

Confirming the origin of production of goods being exported is an important step during foreign trade. This article will cover how to do so in Brazil using a Certificate of Origin.





Types of Warehouses in Brazil

There are different types of warehouses for different needs when importing or temporarily storing goods in Brazil. The main customs procedures are covered in this article, with special attention to those classified as “atypical regimes”.


Bonded Warehouse Additional Services

Bonded warehouses offer several useful services beyond the storage of goods without paying taxes. This article will cover the additional services available in these areas.


How to Obtain an Import License in Brazil

Importing to Brazil may be difficult in cases when the right specifications are not duly met. In this article, learn what documents are necessary to get an import license in the country.


Importing Animals to Brazil

Need to import an animal to Brazil? Bringing exotic species to the country? Then find out in this article what the necessary and legal means are to do so.


Import Taxes in Brazil

Brazil is a country full of bureaucracy and taxes, and that’s sometimes could scare foreign investors. In order to make this process clear and easier, this article will outline the Brazilian import taxes levied on imported products.


Importing Toys to Brazil

In Brazil the steps for the importation of toys varies a little from regular products. Certification, analysis, tests and a non-automatic import license are the main differences for toys and other types of importations to the country.


Importation of Chocolate in Brazil

Despite the heat and the melted chocolate, Brazilians really enjoy this product. They are fans of the national product, but they are even more fans of imported chocolates. Find out how to import this product to Brazil.